Friday, July 13, 2007

Boost Mobile VIP Rewards - Get money back!

Boost Mobile now has a new promotion allowing you to earn up to $30 by giving you back 10% of what you spend throughout predetermined 3 month periods. Of course, you need to be a Boost Mobile or Boost Mobile Premium Prepaid customer in order to qualify for the offer.

You must spend $10 each month in order to begin qualifying, so if you spend $10 each month, you would get back $3. It's really not much, but if your spending $100 a month, that's about $30... That's a whole lot of free ringtones and minutes for you!

The promotion will be recurring, meaning that you will still be able to get VIP rewards next year, and the year after. So, spending $30 a month, you'd be getting back $36 a year, that's a entire month of free service every year!

From Boost Mobile:

How do you get 10% back?

Spend $10 or more each month on Boost Services, for every 3 consecutive months in a quarter.
3 month periods are: January - March, April - June, July - September and October - December.

Get 10% back on what you spend for each 3 month period - up to $30.

Boost will automatically apply V.I.P. Reward credits to accounts within 7 business days after the end of each 3 month period.

Boost V.I.P. Reward credits will be issued in January, April, July and October each year.

Boost Mobile Codes

So you have boost mobile, and you know your going to need some extra minutes. Before you rush out and buy a bigger card, why not grab the boost card you normally get, and get some free minutes on top of the card, by using one of the promo codes below?

Boost Mobile often release promotional codes and coupons for free minutes and ringtones, to encourage customers to add money to their account, and to try to recover customers who have not re-boosted in awhile.

The boost mobile codes below are untested, but my friend ensures me that the bulk of the codes below work. If you find a code that is not working, please post so that it can be removed. That being said, if you know of a promotional free minute code or coupon (for minutes or ringtones), go ahead and post it below so it can be shared!

Boost Mobile Bonus Minutes Codes:

Code list pending addition..

Note: There are rumors that there are codes that will give you free, unlimited chirp and push to talk minutes. There are NO codes that will give you unlimited chirp, push to talk, or free regular calling minutes. I have confirmed this with Boost Mobile and previous boost mobile employees in the past. Unfortunately, whoever started these rumors were mistaken, and it would not be financially possible for boost mobile to offer an unlimited minutes/push to talk/ or chirp promotion code!

I've also started blogging over at PrepaidPhoneCodes, stop by for more boost mobile codes. The new site is updated with even more codes and much more frequent deals!

Boost Mobile Wifi Promotion... Faked

I just talked to boost mobile regarding their Win a Wii, $20 re-boost card, and an I 885 Motorolla phone promotion. It turns out that the promotion is a fake, and that there is in fact no current boost mobile promotion going on regarding the Wii, I885 Motorola, or $20 reboost card. If you want a Wii from Boost Mobile, the only way boost mobile can currently help you get one is by allowing you to call local electronics retailers from your phone :-P

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Free Boost Mobile Ringtones

In the world of boost mobile, free ringtones are easily aquired. You can get free ringtones for boost mobile by receiving special promotions that are sent out monthly to qualified boost mobile customers. Some customers even get ringtones when they activate!

If you didn't receive a promotion when you activated, there are countless sites that you can visit to get ringtones. When looking at getting you ringtones from a site, there are several methods to do so.

Most boost mobile phones support transfering ringtones from your computer to your phone using a USB cable. You can use actual ringtones, or in some cases full songs. This method is 100% free and is the fastest and safest way.

Another way is to visit a site which requires you to enter your boost mobile phone number to receive the ringtones. Some of these sites are legit, and others are not. You do need to be sure to cancel your subscription after receiving your free ringtone!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Boost Mobile Free Minute Code

The newest free minute code for boost mobile is 76cher3. This code will get you an additional $10 when you top up $20.

How do you use boost mobile code? To use the code, enter the number when you re-boost, top up, add money to your account, or whatever you want to call it. After you enter the code, enter the PIN for your boost card and it will confirm whether or not the code will work for you.

Not all boost codes work for all users. When you receive, or get in the mail a boost code, there is no guarantee that it will work for everyone. Go ahead and try this code out and see if it works for you!!

Have your own code? Feel free to post it right here!

New Boost Mobile Commercial

Is it me, or are Boost Mobiles commercials stupid? Round people using their walkie talkies (or chirp), wanna be hip hop vides.... Their commercials are getting pretty lame. Boost Mobile Commercials are as appealing to young want-to-be-gangstas as a warrant.

Boost, make something worth a crap. Your commercials are making us commit suicide for owning one of your phones

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Free Boost Mobile Re-boost

When you call in to cancel a boost mobile phone, the cancellation department is much like Virgin Mobile in the fact that they will offer you a monthly re-boost bonus to keep using your service.

The bonus is 100% dependent upon how much you have spent average over the last 6 months. I can't tell you how to tell exactly how much you could get by acting like you want to cancel, but I can tell you that they incentives are $5, $10, $15, $20, and $25. The re-boost bonuses can last from 3 months to a year.

So, if you spend a lot with boost mobile and really want something back, call in and act like you want to go to virgin mobile and be persistant, and you should get yourself a nice little bonus.